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3D Rendering For Still Photo vor 4 Tagen

vor 4 Tagen

I am looking to create a 3D object for a still render. I have included some examples of what we are looking to create. We really like these but are looking for them to be a bit less swirly. The swirl still needs to be distinct, but these are a bit over exaggerated. Let me know if this is something you can help with, how long it...

Drawing/Compositing | 6x Shots with the Girl039;s Dress vor 2 Tagen

vor 2 Tagen

Im looking for an experienced CG FX artist (some drawing and/or morphing can be required) & compositor for the chain of 6x shots #16, 24, 25, 27, 62 & 89; all of them are from my short feature film. The main layer sequence provided as TIFF files. A master-sequence must be in 2K UHD SMPTE (2048 x 1152 for 25p). Duration of every...

Tracking/Compositing in Nuke | Shot 01 vor 2 Tagen

vor 2 Tagen

Im looking for an experienced compositor for the opening shot of my short feature film where live action, and 3D models of the houses, and 2D background layer of the mountains are combined. Duration of the opening shot is 50 sec 11 fames in 25p. Importing 3D models of the houses of our magic village (as the ring of the houses)...

Freelance Graphic Designer vor 4 Tagen

vor 4 Tagen

I am looking for a freelance designer that is interested in executing a variety of creative projects. This designer would be responsible for :- Communicating effectively and sometimes working with very little detail to create effective and cohesive designs- Creating projects that range from quick-turn social media graphics to...

Highly skilled video editor for YouTube and social media vor 4 Tagen

vor 4 Tagen

I am looking for a skilled video editor to edit YouTube, and other social media video (Instagram and Facebook). I have a fitness educational company that is looking to build and grow our YouTube and social media presence. Our aim is to deliver well polished videos to educate, entertain, increase engagement and ultimately drive c...

Dock Jar files inside C# Panel vor 4 Tagen

vor 4 Tagen

I have a c# windows form application with 8 seperate panels inside. I want to open a jar file selected from the drop down menu and open and dock it inside the panels. Example. Open jarfile1 and display inside panel1open jarfile2 and display inside panel2 and so on... I have the program solution I will send to you, you edit the c...